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Do you have an idea for a book but are unsure on how to get it published?

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**CreateSpace is no longer available.  Kindle Direct Publishing has taken over CreateSpace.  I have yet to publish through Kindle Direct Publishing so some information below may not be exact.**

At Kindle Direct Publishing you can publish your book for FREE!  Not kidding . . . FREE!  I did it, and so can you!

Click on the following link:, create an account, and follow the steps to publishing your book.

Kindle Direct Publishing will walk you through, step by step, how to enter in all the information and what format the files need to be in.  They also offer various tutorials to assist you along the way.  You submit your information and they go through and approve it.  Sometimes they contact you (via email), telling you there may be a problem in size, or a certain picture is not correctly formatted and may need to be redone.  It’s a long process, but in the end, it’s worth it . . . and it’s FREE!

Kindle Direct Publishing also GIVES you a bar code (if you do not already have your own) and an ISBN and registers your book with the Library of Congress!!  That’s right, GIVES . . . AT NO CHARGE!

After you finish submitting all your information and Kindle Direct Publishing has approved all your files you are ready to submit them for purchase.  You then fill out information through Kindle Direct Publishing with Amazon regarding what price you would like your book to be and how you would like it sold, and within a few days – VIOLA!  Your book is ready for purchase e-book style!

The only time you pay any money is if YOU purchase your own book, which of course you would want a hard copy for yourself.  However, the price YOU pay is so much less than whatever price you had set for your book.

  • For example:  My first books price is $5.95, but when I order it myself, I only pay $2.26, not including tax or shipping.  THAT’S IT!  No other hidden fees, and no other costs, the only time you pay is when YOU yourself order.

I do recommend ordering a few copies though, for those friends and family that would like to have hard copies of your book.  One thing to keep in mind . . . you pay less for your book so when you order a box of say 100, you would only pay a fraction of the actual cost.  Then when you sell the books to whomever you choose at the normal price, you get your money you paid for ordering back, plus the difference for each book!  Now, how can you beat that?

Kindle Direct Publishing and Amazon will explain in detail how the pricing works for e-books.  You only get a % of the cost of each book sold through the website and each month you will get a Royalty Report saying how much money you made and that money is deposited directly into your account!

  • For example:  Through Amazon, if I sell two e-books at $5.95 each ($11.90 total), my royalty for that order is $8.28.  Amazon makes a profit of $3.62 just for selling your book.  Again, I don’t think that that’s a bad deal. *However, those with Amazon Prime accounts can get your book for a lot less, thus less profit for you.*

One thing that I have learned though, self publishing is awesome because you get to control what happens to your book and it gets put out into the world the way you want it.  However, there are many stores and companies that will not allow your book to be sold in their stores unless it has been published by a publishing company.  This is the only difficulty I have had in selling my book.  So, be careful before you decide on if self-publishing is right for you.  If you want your book in stores, going through a legitimate publishing company may be better suited for you.

Happy Publishing!

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